Crazy For You

In honor of un-official BEST COAST day. I thought I would post this lovely outfit of the day shot by my darling and talented friend Jhune Li.

We took these photos last week, but I just thought they perfectly match the cover art for Best Coasts album Crazy For You. So go ahead and listen to this album while scrolling through this post, have a grand ole time!

Outfit Details: Dress: Betsey Johnson / Leather Jacket: Nasty Gal / Glasses: Illesteva / Shoes: Vivenne Westwood for Melissa  

This dress is pretty special for me not only because it looks like a picnic blanket, but because it was my sister Devon's and it was always one of those wardrobe pieces of hers that I loved and always wanted. She gave it to me out of the kindest of her heart and now I get to frock all around town in it, HURRAY!!
Have a great day pussycatsand please keep it sassy,xoxoxoSasssquatch*UPDATE* I WON 2 TICKETS YAY!! YAY!!! HURRAY!!! TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER

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