Charli XCX, OH YES.

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It's Monday Pussycats,

Today, I thought I'd stick to one thing,
MUSIC: Particularly one artist, Charli XCX.

I posted briefly about her in my post all about Iggy Azalea's music video for Fancy click here. In which I explained that I'd never heard her music before. To, which, my girl Elizabeth said "omg you had never heard of Charli XCX before??? BB SHE WROTE ICONA POP'S 'I LOVE IT' ... and her album is amazing... I saw her in November, she's the ultimate pop babe- 4 real... look up her song 'superlove' and get ready to DIE...seriously plz do that right now...(side note I would read up on her I feel like you'd be obsessed she's the ultimate star)
So, since I trust my pal Elizabeth's opinion on music (have you read her article on HAIM click here) I plugged in my headphones, and I spontaneously combusted into a puddle of eyeliner and marshmallow peeps, I've just found my new queen. Charli XCX I would describe her music as sounding sorta like Tegan + Sara driving in the back of a truck with The Spice Girls on their way to a discotheque. She is the closest real thing to Effy Stonem from Skins that I've ever seen, and her accent is just so cute! Her music isn't cliche, and doesn't feel like a team of thirty-year-old balding white men wrote it, but instead like she just made it on garageband one day when she was bored, and I can totally get down with that.She was born August 2nd 1992, she's an English singer/songwriter whose been releasing singles since 2008, yes, she started in 2007, yes, when she was 14, (she was basically Lorde before Lorde was Lord, you feel?)She released mixtapes free via sound cloud, She released a song about Valentines day, She toured with Ellie Goulding and Marina and the Diamonds, and did I mention previously that she wrote Icona Pop's "I LOVE IT," that amazing diddy that makes you want to double fist vodka redbulls and go streaking? 
She's also confirmed last year that she will be releasing an album this June which I already know will be my summer soundtrack I just know it.

This song is also a slap, so is "Just Desserts" Featuring Marina and the Diamonds, so is "Superlove" gah they are all good! Her sound cloud alone, has given me the biggest musical rush I've ever experienced

So go listen, and jump around in fuzzy socks and lingerie and feel alive okay?
have a great day and please keep it sassy,

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