15 Favorite Things Jack Ward has posted on Facebook.

MySpace is a ghost town, Twitter is like the New York stock exchange, Tumblr a virtual art gallery in Beavertown Oregon (because Portland is so last year) and Facebook has become the suburbs. Facebook is a breeding ground for family photos and embarrassing status's from years past. It has become an inescapable network from the normal people you've met, who you're now digitally chained to under the guise of "friendship." However, when it comes to Facebook "normcore" fame, one man owns the thrown, and that man is Jack Ward.

Now I don't remember when I added him, or if he added me, we share 33 mutual friends, most of which I don't know in real life, however being his facebook friend is the only reason I still have this site.
So I thought I'd share with you 
My 15 Favorite things Jack Ward has posted on Facebook
be prepare to die.

I'm telling you, I know nothing, about this guy, but through his particularly witty and hilarious status's, I've gathered that he has a Jim & Dwight esque relationship with his roommate, he has a beautiful girlfriend and a hilarious grandpa and I feel creepy knowing that much about a total stranger, but you know, that is what our 2014 millennials-generation is all about...being creepy....

and on that note have a great day
feel free to add him on Facebook, I guarantee you, your life will be changed for the better
and please keep it sassy,


  1. I love this. Wish I had more friends like him!

  2. Omg i died! Someone should make buttons out of his statusesor statusi?)Team 2014 lol :/ globalization of facebook/internet ftw :)