If you live in a pineapple under the sea, and didn't happen to hear about two major things happening in Honolulu tomorrow let me explain. In Hawaii we have quite a lot of shopping but since the dawn of time till tomorrow we never had a H&M. And yall know that H&M just started letting their customers shop online as of last year? Anyway, they just opened up a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL store in the heart of Waikiki, exciting news on its own, BUT, they've flown out one of my FAVORITE bands BEST COAST to perform a secret concert. This is literally like I've died and gone to heaven. So since I didn't win any tickets through the twitter raffle, I'm going to list 10 reasons why I should get a chance to go to their concert and hope Bethany and Bobb see this!

1) Did you see me on Twitter yesterday?

I was tweeting a storm along with my friends @caringiscreepy, @kanyeftkanye and @peeeeeely a crap ton of times, because WE WANT TICKETS (Peely won some, so congrats to her but WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US). You do realize we were tweeting all morning while I was supposed to be at work and they were in class. WHO ELSE IS ON TWITTER THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING, COME ON PEOPLE!

2) I'm a HUGE Best Coast Fan
I've been a listener for quite some time now. Their dreamy songs and their super kawaii music videos have quickly made them my favorite band. I hate when people are like "I'm a huge fan" but arent, but seriously guys I absolutely love them! I love them like I love donuts and Wes Anderson films and if you know me at all, you know that that love is the greatest love of all.

3) I saw them in concert exactly 2 years ago, and now I'm addicted!
Can we talk about how excited I was in 2012 CLICK HERE, that was seriously one of the best concerts/best nights of my ENTIRE life.I literally wrote a poem two years ago about how much I loved them:
Bethany, Bethany, Bethany how you simply sooth my soul.
your lyrics of rock and roll
or how simply cute you are
my eyes struck with stars
you are the vocal personification of my beating teen heart
despite your occasional wicked lyrics
 I can tell you are as sweet as a tart
2012 me was so cute! And I meant every word that I wrote and feel the same way 2 years later!

4) I know most of the words and at least how every song sounds
I'm not gonna lie and say I know every lyric of every song, cause on the off chance she throws the mike to me and I don't know I would blush like a radish, however I can honestly say I know about 85% of the actual lyrics to her songs and I know 100% how every song sounds, so I can mouth a long and dance correctly to the beat and it will be brilliant!

I turned 21 this year and it's my last spring break before I graduate college. You could provide me the greatest experience of all time by allowing me to see them live. You would be doing your community a great service by providing me with tickets, it would make my spring break dreams come true, ESPECIALLY because I'm too broke to afford a trip to Vegas, or a trip to the continental US where I could creepily follow Best Coast on tour like a proverbial "dead head" but I'd be a "best beast." DO THIS FOR THE CHILDREN! DO THIS FOR ME!

6) No one good ever comes here ever
I swear to god if Smash Mouth comes here one more time I will rip my hair out.

7) Its my Cats dying wish
I have this cat, her name was Roxy and she was surly and old, then last year I renamed her Netflix and suddenly we became best friends! She always lies next to me and watches Netflix and we kick it like everyday. My appreciation of Netflix is bittersweet, because she is 14 and that's hella old for a cat. I know how much Bethany loves cats and so does Netflix and she meowed at me the other day that it would be her last wish for me to see them in concert again.

8) I will bring treats and dress super cute
SERIOUSLY! I will wing my eyeliner and wear a vintage style dress and a picnic basket looking purse full of local goodies to whoever provides me a ticket! I will give you all the treats because I am forever in your debt and it would mean the world to me to get such an opportunity. And I will be the cutest date of all, come on!

9) I'm willing to do virtually anything to go
What would you do for a Klondike bar? fuck that, what would I do for a Best Coast H&M Opening party ticket? I'd mop the H&M floors, I would steam every article of clothing in the place, I would lick the floor, lick my cat, never drink coffee again, give up my cat, give up my car, sell my kidney, donate my eggs, I WOULD DO ANYTHING.

10) Because I'm writing this post!
I just wrote out 9 reasons why I should be invited and I think if that doesn't get the message that I'm 100% serious across, I don't know what will! This band means a lot to me, and I think it would be a really great opportunity for me because I just love this band and I love this brand and it would be the best night ever.

So I hope, whoever is reading this I hope you see this before Wednesday and give me the opportunity to see them live. I will owe you my life and if you are reading this Bethany OMG HI I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVEN READING THIS HII

Have a great day pussycats and keep your fingers crossed for me
and if you would like to tweet this at @Best_Coast and tag me in it that would be amazing to

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