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Ello Pussycats,
In addition to "Mmmmmm Monday" and "Tasty Tuesday," I thought I'd keep going with this trend an introduce another one. Woman Crush Wednesday, also known as #wcw on the intertubes. Every week I'll feature a woman that I think is the business, whether I know her or not, whether she is dead or not, this is the day for me to feature my baes that I love so much. And today, I thought I'd throw it back to my dear friend Monika. Yall remember her from TVFU, don't ya? click here. Monika and I spent my last morning in New York city drinking chai lattes, wandering around Times Square and dreaming of our hopeful futures at Conde Nast. Her style was so fresh and she was so kind, I knew we had to be friends.
CH: *Joan Rivers Voice* Who are you wearing?
MM: Jacket is vintage (thrifted it in grade. 7 or something) Crop top is Urban Outfitters. The black denim circle skirt is American Apparel. And my heeled boots are Expression (from this department store in Canada called the Bay). In the second look, my knit jumper is from Aritzia, the black denim circle skirt is again,  from American Apparel. My boots from Expression and my Burgundy bag from Sportsgirl.

CH: Who is your favorite member of One Direction?
MM: Omgosh. I think you just asked me the toughest question of all time. I'm gonna say Harry Styles. It's the cheekiness that gets me. And the floppy hair. And the voice. And the ability to pull off suede and leopard print. After he ate that orange during Drake's performance at the VMA's, I knew he was the man for me.
But a major shout-out to Niall because he's just so precious.

CH: What are your spring wardrobe inspirations?
MM: Pastels! Cotton candy pinks, mint greens, lemon custard yellows- I just want to embrace soft colourfulness this spring. You know, be cute and stuff.

CH: Where can we find you?
MM: You can find me on almost every social network out there!
twitter: @heyitsmonika
instagram: @heyitsmonika
pinterest: heyitsmonikam
(and stay tuned for a new website launching soon)

CH: Who is your #wcw
MM: Besides the Daily Sass who's a total babe, I gotta say Ellie Goulding. I know I talk abnout her way too much, but lets be real, it's because she's the best. When she comes out on stage wearing the edgiest little outfit (often higgh waisted shorts and some fierce crop top) and then starts playing the drums, I just SWOON. Pro-athlete+ Voice of an angel + Blonde Goddess + Creative Genius = Ellie Goulding. That combination makes me weak in the knees!

OH! Can I have a second #WCW? It's Mindy Kaling. She's the kind of person you just want to be best friends with. Or in my case, I just want to be her. I idealize her writing and her humour. I'm currently listneing to her audible book, and she reads it to you (21st century baby!) and it just feels like we're sitting down for coffee and she's telling me about her life and I'm some wide eyed girl listening intensively.

CH: How do you keep it sassy?
MM: How do I keep sassy? I often pretend I'm a popstar or apart of a girlband, so I blast my music loud and I let go of all inhibitions. I'm that girl who stands in front of a mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone and lip-synchs as she flips her hair around. Extra sass points for when I try to dance (this includes struts and finger snaps)


While, it's been awhile since we've seen each other, and she got so close coming all the way to Maui and everything! She is my #wcw because she contributed to me best weekend of 2013, she's talented, smart and funny and she's just the business, okay?

I'll be sure to let you know when her website is up and running, and you guys should be sure to check out her links posted!

Have a great day, and please keep it sassy,

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