MySpAc3 SuRv3y

Today I thought I'd do a little ole, throw back thursday. And I thought It would be prime to throw it back to my beloved MYSPACE.
Because who doesn't remember filling out myspace bulletin surveys when you were bored out of your eyeballs waiting for your dial-up internet to work.
  • How long have you had your MySpace account:
    •  I had it for the "cute" years of my life, aka 7th through 9th grade
  • Have you ever cancelled your MySpace and reopened an account: 
    • Two months into having my MySpace I got one of those spam messages with porn, turns out I had just watched an episode of To Catch a Predator and I thought this perv was messaging me directly! I got so scared I deleted the my whole myspace, then I got bored a few weeks later and reopened it, I totally could've been kidnapped or something guyz wteffword.
  • Who is your #1 friend and why:
    •  I've been really racking my brain trying to remember who my #1 friend was, but I cannot for the life of me remember, so let's go with Tila Tequila because she was myspace royalty (but now a total nazi sympathizer, I actually would never have guess that would've happened #plottwist)
  • Is your MySpace profile set to private?
    • Yeah girl, I watched To Catch a Predator I wasn't trying to get catfished, although that was before cat fishing was called cat fishing and it was just called "looking for love in all the wrong places."
  • Do your parents have myspace accounts: 
    • Heck no, and they've never had any form of social media, they are actually too cool for the modern age, to that which I am very thankful. Although they both did just get instagrams *insert big eyes emoji*
  • When is the last time you changed your top friends: 
    • Actually 5 years ago, what a great invention, top 8, it was a physical and visual way to rank your friends showing them who you love more, it seems genius to me.
  • What song is currently on your profile: 
    • I don't know what my last song was, but I can tell you my first song on my profile ever was "Where is the Love" by the Black Eyed Peas.
  • Describe your main pic and where it was taken: 
    • I remember for about the first year I had myspace I didn't know how to change it so I had this one photo sitting on my bed looking pensive, it was black and white, I was a very deep 7th grader.
  • Has your Myspace ever been hacked: 
    • No, not even by friends in that sort of "AHHH YOU'RE HACKED DIS MAI BES FREN EVAR" way, I was kinda of a lone wolf. 
  • Does your best friend have Myspace:
    • My best friend TOTALLY had myspace, but she got it like the last year I had it, it was uncool.
  • Are you ready for something to replace MySpace:
    •  No, I'm not ready, I'm still not ready for the digital graveyard that Myspace has become, WHY TOM WHYYYYY!?!
  • Do browse Myspace from school or work:
    • Since I was so little when MySpace was a thing, I was in middle school, so MySpace was DEFINITELY blocked on the school server.
  • How many of your immediate and extended family have myspace accounts?
    • All my sisters had Myspace and they were in my top 8 but I don't think I made it in theres...I wasn't cool enough I guess....wahhhh
  • Do you know anyone who dated off Myspace:
    • I actually knew quite a few different people who met their beaus on MySpace but I was forever alone back then sooo....
  • Has anyone recognized you from your Myspace
    • Literally never.
  • Do you post a bulletin telling friends when you upload new pics
    • No, but I knew this one girl who'd always comment peoples photos like, "woah youre picture is pretty, will you leave a comment on mine," I'm like............. *rolls eyes to infinity* 
  • How often do you take surveys
    • As often as I'm on myspace. 
  • Do you have any myspace friends you haven't met in person?
    • I really was too terrified to make friends on myspace, so no :( but I do have some facebook ones I havent met. 
And here is an ole myspace photos for your laughing pleasure. The pest part of it is that this photo is literally titled EMO.jpg
I guess I had a lot of emotions being 14 and all.

Well that's about it guys, I hope you learned more about me and enjoyed this little blast from the past.
Have a great day,
and please keep it sassy,

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  1. I loved reading this. I think I might do this survey too. I think I will forever have a survey thing because I used to them on Tumblr haha Did you ever go through a scene phase? I think that was most of my Myspace life