Yall, remember how I offered to send out all those v-day cards? And since I was a bit late on the sending out of the all valentines, and I just so happen to have a list of all my valentines day bae's blawgs, I thought I'd do a major promo! SO my friends, if you have a heart at all, which I'm sure you do, go check out these blogs, they are amazing and are my bbys I love them okay?

Jess: writinginredlipstick.com
Emma: emmabenshoff.com
Tessa: themadmod.blogspot.com
Sophie: nanawintour.blogspot.com
Rachel: rachiiiboo.blogspot.com
Katherine: confessionsofanartmajor.blogspot.com
Sophie: www.tuggmag.blogspot.com
Olivia: oliviii.blogspot.com

Mae: lamaefleurs.tumblr.com
Ola: doebones.tumblr.com
Jess: itshouldbesimple.tumblr.com
Lauren: notsoblondebombshell.tumblr.com
Grace: kognitive.tumblr.com
Sarah: skurrah.tumblr.com
Maddi: maddily.tumblr.com
Rebekah: donutguts.tumblr.com
Hannah: attacked.tumblr.com
Jessica: majorconfusion.tumblr.com
Blair: andwhatsmoreiadoreyou.tumblr.com
Lucca: secretlypartmermaid.tumblr.com
Devan: dvnrscsy.tumblr.com
Chelsea: therestlessmermaid.tumblr.com
Monika: thelovelymanifesto.tumblr.com

College Fashionista:
Megan: collegefashionista.com/megansauers/

Click a link, check out a QT, make a friend!

And if you were on my list and you have a blog that isn't mentioned, contact me, I'll add you too the list!
Have a great day,
and please keep it sassy,

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