My Best Valentine Ever.

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While I've had my fair share of bad dates and single valentines days, two years ago I had my best valentines date ever.

It was freshman year and I had an on going flirtationship with this darling boy from Nevada. He was forever tall and had a really cute smile full of crooked teeth (he looked a lot like Adam Driver from Girls).

He was into martial arts, and thought 9gag was funny, read anime, and constantly smiled out of the side of his mouth, and he was also a Pisces, he was just so strange. However our first date was by far the cutest thing ever and I need to share it with you guys.

While all the girls in my dorm got those crappy teddy bears from the super market, my valentine did something so cute, I can't believe I never even thought of it. He got me an airplane piñata and he stuffed it full of hand-written cliches and chocolate. The cliches were an illusion to the fact that I always made fun of him for saying lame things like "I treat women like a rose" *eye roll times infinity.* However, making fun of himself was cute and sweet and little lame (aka the best recipe for a vday gift). And atop the piñata was a tiny pony with a light saber, I forget the context of this but it was funny and weird, okay?

We then boarded the bus after being yelled at by a really scary homeless man Larry, for once I didn't feel totally scared, mostly because I was standing next to this giant guy who was sorta skilled in martial arts.

We got dim sum and made stupid jokes and told everyone that it was our 5-year anniversary just for fun. It rained a little bit but it was okay. Then we got back to the dorms and I bragged about my pinata to all the basic girls there, explaining that I was special and that they should be jealous (I was just being honest and I was also very drunk off peach schnaps).

The night ended with a really sweet but kinda awkward but mostly sweet kiss and then an even more sweet but kinda awkward but mostly awkward 2 month long relationship.

Sorry for being an asshole and breaking up with you super passive aggressively by just leaving for Europe. I'll never forget this valentines day date and that rainy day where we stayed in and watched Flowers in the Attic and freaked out about the freaky incest.   
Francesca Perry
I probably could've been nicer. But at the end of it all, know that I only think the best of you. You were kind and silly and pretty sweet and I cherish the times you spent with my stupid ass.

I hope you have a great Valentines day and for the rest of you, I hope that you all one day get a valentine this sweet, because I've learned, they don't come often.

Have a great day pussycats
and please, keep it sassy,

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