Happy Birthday Mamma Hughes!

I know we've been posting Valentine related things every day this month, however today is a day that is too important.

Today is my mothers Birthday. She is my number one fan and my favorite person ever. The person whose been there for me, and provided me the utmost love and support throughout my entire life. She was my first best friend (quickly followed by my three big sisters and adoring Father)! And on a day like today, even though we are apart today she kindly wrote a little snippet on love and birthdays for my blog. Happy birthday Momma, I love you.

On Love and Birthdays, 
by Shelby Hughes
On my birthday, thinking about love, I realize the best thing about my life is that I've had so many truly wonderful people in my family to love and who have loved me. Both the family I was born into and the one I helped make a reality were and are just one long love fest. 

How lucky was I to be born to parents and a sister who thought I was just great! My childhood was like a warm fuzzy sweater. I tried to give my children a warm fuzzy sweater in return but they ended up giving me one. 

So Bud, Jane and Shore and Ferrell, Devon, Kelsey, Hayley and Caelan, thank you for the love and big hugs and all the laughs. You are all the best and I loved you forever always!

to read more about my mother, check out our Q+A hereHave a great day pussycats,and please keep it sassy,xoxoxoxSasssquatch


  1. this is so sweet, Happy Birthday, mama Sass!

  2. How sweet you both are! What a sassy mom... Happy Birthday ^^