Guest Writer/Artist: Jhune Li!!

Are you guys ready for a sappy Valentine’s day couple post?
Well either way here it is!!!

Rawb and I have been dating for less-than-but-soon-to-be a year now and this will be our first Valentine’s day together. Let me tell you, I love this guy. When we first met I was sad about the direction my life was going, mainly hanging around with guys that were not crazy about me and I in turn was not crazy about them. It was a stupid “dating for the sake of dating” kind of thing, like, I knew nothing was going to come out of it. Maybe I was just bored. I think I was just bored. I was bored and insecure and didn’t think I deserved better.
and I needed a change.

I’d seen Rawb around before in our local scene and he seemed like a cool guy so I added him on Facebook and we started talking and hanging out. All I wanted was a new friend with posi vibes and he did that for me. Our conversations were filled with dumb jokes and puns and suggestions for new music.
We’d message and text and hang out so much I don’t know why I didn’t realize he liked me or that liked him back at this point. It took me volunteering at his work to come to this conclusion. He worked at an intermediate school and I’m studying to become a teacher. He worked so well with the kids! There was an entirely different side to him that I hadn’t seen before; one that was compassionate and responsible. He dropped me off at home that afternoon and didn’t leave until late at night because we didn’t want to stop talking.

Photo credit: Michael Keany
One thing led to another which lead to our first kiss atop Mark’s Garage and BAM we started dating. and now we’re still dating. and I hope that this dating thing continues.

I’m so glad that Rawb is a part of my life. I haven’t thought about what criteria someone would have to fall under in order to be my dream dude until recently and Rawb meets them 100% A+ 10/10
When either of us are upset, we talk it through. We remind each other that bad times don’t last forever and a majority of the time things are pretty swell anyway. Not once have I ever felt bored in this relationship. He’s overall optimistic and sweet and fun and supportive and talented and have I mentioned handsome yet because he’s a total fox. He never lets me forget how much he loves me.
I hope that everyone will find someone that makes them feel the way Rawb makes me feel. It’s about continuing to believe in the possibility of love because hey it still exists! and despite some of it’s cons, despite how scary it is trusting yourself in the hands of another, it’s an amazing and beautiful thing to keep trying for.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Pussycats.

Jhune Li is one of my dearest most favoritest (yes, that is a word) people of all time. She single-handedly planned my birthday party to that which I am completely grateful for. Not to mention constantly takes photos for my blog and gives me emotional support and always visits me at work!

She is so talented and so smart and so kind and I just am so happy that she is happy and I want all of her dreams to come true. Speaking of, she launched this new style instagram called @honoluluwears and you should really follow it because we love her okay?

Now have a great day pussycats,
and please keep it sassy,

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