Guest Writer: Jacqueline Rodriguez

On Valentines Day, by Jacqueline Rodriguez

Valentine’s Day is definitely the best holiday. Hands down. Anyone who tells you any differently is wrong. There is literally nothing to dislike about Valentine’s day! You get to wear cute colors, you get to eat tons of candy, you get to give and receive punny cards, and you get to tell people you love them!

For those of you that fall into the “Singles Awareness Day” trap, I have a news flash for you. Valentine’s day isn’t JUST about romantic relationships!! It’s about love and telling people they’re awesome and appreciating them!

Maybe you have a best friend who you love the most out of everyone, why not spend Valentine’s day with them! Or give THEM a teddy bear and a box of chocolates? Your love for them is just as valid as anyone’s love for their significant other!

Maybe, just maybe, you need to give yourself some love! You need to spend all of February 14th in bed with movies and candy, or you can spend it going on an adventure in your city! Make yourself a picnic or nap all day, whichever floats your boat! Because Valentine’s day is about love! In all of its forms!

Pets and celebrities also make suitable valentines! Cuddle up with your pup or watch interviews of Benedict Cumberbatch all day! (The latter is my personal choice of festivity.) Either way, as long as you’re happy and cozy and you feel taken care of, you’re a success and St. Valentine would be proud.

Personally, I like to make cards for everyone in my class (at school I only have 15 kids in my class, so it’s a little easier than normal colleges) and bake cupcakes or make little goody bags and give them out because I like people and I like for people to have good memories of the holiday! 

My fondest Valentine’s day memory? In freshman year of high school one of my best friends gave me a Pop Tart holder that is shaped like a Pop Tart. It was the cutest, silliest gift, and I still cherish it. Make your own cute memory with someone you like or love!

So don’t be that person that sulks around and party poops on the holiday just because it’s “fake” and “corporate” and all of the other general assumptions. Even if it is a manufactured holiday, it’s an excuse to celebrate and eat food! Why would you ever deny yourself or anyone else this joy? That’s just cruel. 

Buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers, your favorite sweet, and listen to a cute playlist, and you’re guaranteed to have the best Valentine’s day ever! And I really really hope you all do!!
A suggested playlist is this snippet of a really long one that I created and can be found here:


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