Guest Poet: Amila Cooray

Photo by Jhune Li
Ode to Humanity
by Amila Cooray
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
These poems get old real fast.
Who cares about rhyming,
Roses, or chocolates.
The only things I care about
Are my family and friends.
A second Thanksgiving,
A chance to appreciate the love
Of human kind, from one person to another.
I know it’s hard sometimes,
To see that love is all around us,
When our newsfeeds are filled
With stories of violence and hate.
But today, read those Buzzfeed articles,
The ones about soldiers coming home to their families,
A dying mother’s last wish,
The sappy proposals done in broad daylight.
I want grandeur gestures of love,
And I want to do the same for you.
No matter who you are,
Where you are, what you look like,
What your religion is,
Whether you like puppies, kittens, or neither,
We all deserve some love.
So take my hand and
Close your eyes.

Believe in us.

Amila is one of my dear friends we were in the same 5th grade class! She is a darling poet and has a heart of candy and I'm so happy to feature her on my blog! 

Have a great day pussycats
and please keep it sassy,

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  1. aw this is super sweet. It's definitely how I view Valentine's day too <3