Guest Artist: Grace Taylor

"Cute things in life are so important! Every day I see something dark and I want to lighten things up with pretty pastel colors, kitties and confident ladies. I am interested in using just about every type of art and medium there is, but I can never resist a simple pen and ink illustration." 

Grace Taylor is a sweet little cupcake from Minnesota. We've become tumblr/fb friends recently and I'm so excited to become friends! Her art work is so precious and her insight on the world is refreshing. Her tumblr is HERE and click HERE to check out her flickr, I'm like actually obsessed with everything on there so go check it out and look forward to future posts from this sweet little cherry.

Have a great day pussycats,
and please keep it sassy,


  1. I adore these doodles! What a lovely artist! Looking forward to your future posts ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  2. This illustrations are... awwwwwwww