Guest Artist: Amanda Adam featuring Juliet Piper

"Nothing says Valentine's day like pink pink pink in every form!! Photographing Juliet Piper in this Spring/Summer set made me want to curl up in a fur rug and be at complete bliss with my self. How could you not adore life in head-to-toe pink tones?! Impossible. I think I grew a little more into a girl after this shoot" - Amanda Adam

instagram @amandaa

Model, Singer-Songwriter: http://julietpipermusic.com/
Gogogina S/S'14 Line: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gogogina


Amanda is a talented beach bunny hailing from southern california. We've been internet friends for awhile now, we used to send each other pen pal packages and it was super cute, okay? I've watched her work grow and develop over the years and I'm just so proud of her. Check out her links, send your love and have a lovely February 3rd.


P.S. CLICK HERE Check out Jess and her darling friend Tillie from The Poppy Creative for her guest post today!

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