Grilled Cheese, Please?

Tasty Tuesdays. Because I actually don't have enough food pictures on my blog at all. Today's tasty tuesday is brought to you buy my local eat-study-cry type restaurant Kiss-A-10. Before I get into it though, may I just say that Will.I.Am has permanently ruined my brains ability to properly spell "tasty," I ALWAYS ADD AN EXTRA "E," GODDAMNIT FERGALICIOUS.

ANYWHO. I got a grilled cheese and tomato bisque combination. There was brie and bacon bits in the sandwich and the tomato bisque was super sweet, it reminded me of spaghetti-os or the tomato sauce that goes on those little edible dusty disks that Lunchables Inc claimed were "mini pizzas." But frankly, I dug it. Is it gross that I like my tomato sauce tasting like something created from the love child of Chef Boyardee and Willy Wonka?

I had a lovely meal with my darling friend Jen, and we only hated ourselves a little, in part to all the homework we were avoiding.

If you live in the Honolulu area and you are looking for a bow of soup to cry into while doing homework, I 100% recommend Kiss-A-10. And no, this was not sponsored lol, I wish.

Have a great tuesday
and please eat something delicious today!

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