Gift Guide: Valentines Day!

1) Cambridge Satchel available on Modcloth: To carry all the valentines you're gonna get in it! $164.99

2) "Play" Graphic Heart T by Comme Des Garcons available at Nordstrom: Because these are unisex, so there is a possibility you and your valentines could get them for each other in a sort of sitcom-esque scenario! $125

3) I Heart Guts Heart Plushie available at Mutter Museum Store: Because on valentines day we're forced to deal with matters of our actual hearts, and this plushie makes dealing less scary. $19.99

4) "Dreamboat Annie" LP from Heart available on Urban Outfitters or wherever cool vinyls are sold: Because of course your dreamy valentine has a record player! $24.98

5) Ridiculously Happy Valentines day card by LittleLow: It says "Thank you for making me one of those ridiculously happy people (who I always kind of hated) Happy Valentines Day" there isn't a sweeter message to send! $4.50

6). Taylor Headphones by Frends available at Nordstrom: Because you need something to listen to all those heartfelt mixtapes featuring Deathcab and Depeche Mode! $199.99

7) Red Velvet Lipstain by Lime Crime available at Modcloth: Smooches will happen tonight, and if not, at least you won't get lipstick on your chin while mercilessly devouring a foot-long meatball sub by yourself. $19.99

8) "Home is where the Geometrical Heart is" Bone China Tea or Coffee mug from MoreThanPorcelain: Because what else will you sip Gin and Juice in? $30.48

9) "Please Don't Leave" Heart Rug available on Urban Outfitters: Because there should only be love here tonight, none of this storming out, slamming doors nonsense

10) Zayn Malik's heart. sadly ladies, this one is not for sale, for I own it. Forget the nonsense you read about Perrie Edwards, He's actually hanging out and watching Netflix with me right now. 

I hope these inspired you when you are shopping for your honey, and if you are the only honey you need then I must say "TREAT YO SELF!"

And be sure to pick out the lovely gift guide Writing in Red Lipstick created over at her blog, I know I certainly want all of her items <3

Have a great February 4th
and please keep it sassy,

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