An Open Letter to a Valentines Day Hater,

Dear Hater,
So, I get that you are too cool for valentines day, and that's fine. Maybe you are single, maybe you think it's stupid, maybe you are just bitter because you've had only awful luck with relationships, maybe you are in a relationship and both of you think it's dumb or maybe you just don't care.

I see Valentines day sort of like Halloween or Easter, sure there are some weird - probably pagan origins behind the holiday, that has now turned into a commercialized capitalism driven creation, where we over eat and feel feels that we might not necessarily want to.

I understand that, and it's perfectly alright for you to not want to participate. Valentines day is cliche, and Valentines day is sorta pointless. And if you are single on Valentines day you are definitely reminded of it.

I just don't think it's necessary to knock other peoples good times, you feel? It's like telling children Santa Claus doesn't exist, you are popping their metaphorical dream balloon and I'm not having that.

EVERYONE should celebrate it, because free chocolate and showing admiration for another is not a bad thing. Yelling "SINGLES AWARENESS DAY" or "FOREVER ALONE DAY" aren't only problematic for you but they reiterate this patriarchal standard that claims we NEED this sort of lovey dovey relationship or we aren't worth anything as humans.

As I mentioned previously, I'm crap at relationships. But that doesn't mean I need to A) Dog on someones good time with their boo, B) Make someone feel bad about being in love and expressing that or C) Devalue my own self worth because I don't have a boyfriend.

As a single person, I get kinda annoyed when people who are in relationships go over the moon about how stupid this holiday is. I get it, you are cooler than me because you equate coolness with an extreme lack of empathy and holiday spirit. But just know, when you are bashing old Saint Valentine, you might actually hurt someone who does care's feelings.

So just eat some bon bons and drink the kool-aid, it might be more fun than you anticipated.
I'm sorry but that gif is my favorite.

Anywho have a great day pussycats, I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Have a great day and please keep it sassy,

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