A Few of My Favorite Things.

There are two things I love in this world sugar and John Stamos. And since I can't share an all you can eat sweets tea party with John, I thought I'd share it with you guys, a list of a few of my favorite things, HAVE MERCY!

  • Turkish Delight, brought all the way from Israel, given to me by my precious friend Sofi.

  • Then you've got mondo mixed berry tarts from Whole Foods, eating these I feel just like Marie Antoinette

  • An assortment of bon bons, because who doesn't love bon bons? They are tiny and delicious and it makes you feel so parisian, like you should own a poodle named fifi and perpetually be wearing a beret. 
  • What would Valentines day be without your classic milk chocolate hears (and of course, heart shaped glasses, you know what happens when you break those!)
  • Tea is for chumps! My FAVORITE valentines day drink is the Shirley Temple, throw a little vodka in there and you are set...that is, two days after Vday when I officially turn 21, you know

  • Le creme puff, Le petite fours et le macaron! Je t'aime, le sucre!

And don't forget to bring your fuji film instax to capture all the memories of your sugar induced coma, before, during and after.Have a great day pussycatsand please, keep it sassy,

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