Rocking, Aint No Walk in the Park

Why Hello There Pussycats,
While at this time this photo was supposed to be cute, I feel like I look like I'm in a college brochure, looking over my shoulder into my future of student loan debt and job insecurity. 

On a brighter note, these photos were taken by my dearest friend Jhune, who comes back home super soon! Yay Yay a thousand YAYS.

On a less bright note, with the return of Jhune, marks the return of my daily devotion to higher education OI VEY, I'm less ready to go back to school than an impromptu substitute teacher like Ned Schneebly aka Jack Black. Rocking, aint no walk in the park fellow classmates, let me just tell you that.

Outfit Details:T-shirt: Uniqlo / Jacket: Miss Wu / Skirt: Topshop / Backpack: Elizabeth and James / Shoes: Marc Jacobs / Phone case: Marc Jacobs

Well I may not be ready for school on the 13th, but atleast I look ready right?
Have a great day pussycats, and a great rest of your winter breakand please keep it sassy,xoxoxoxSasssquatch

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  1. that jacket is so cute! and I really love gray-ish filter in all of these photos, too.