RIP Lea love
Yesterday, I lost a homegirl.

I base my opinion of Lea, on nothing but the way she treated me and how she was never anything but nice to lil ole me for absolutely no reason. Lea was a homegirl, no matter what was going on or however many months fell in between our random run ins, lea always greeted me with the biggest smile and an even bigger ole hug.

He hugs were very fragile due to her small stature, but they had the enthusiasm and warmth of someone three times her size.

Lea treated me with this respect and this specific kindness that I have yet to see from anyone else. Lea had no shame when it came to posting pictures with beaus online, and she never judged anyone when it came to who they loved, what they loved, what they wore or what drugs they wanted to do.

With Lea it is strange, despite our limited interactions, she was somebody who I always kept tabs on through internet (we're talking from Myspace days, people). I would always creep her page and just think, man, she's really living her life to the fullest, dying her hair every color in the rainbow and smoking giant bongs or getting a new piercing. But the truth is, I actually have no clue what was going on in her life over the past 5 years or what lead up to her tragic passing.

With Leas' passing I'm deeply distraught, not only because she was so young but because I'm scared that kindness will no longer be around, but that is where we can continue her memory.  Lea taught me that kindness and respect matter, and that being a homegirl is easy, too easy not to just be one to every person that you meet.

Don't judge others based off false assumptions
Don't judge others based off what they post on instagram, or their religion or hair color or sexual preference or anything at all. As I said before, I didn't know Lea's whole story or her life, but I know what impact she made and will make in my life for a long time.

For her sake, just be good and be kind, guys.
Spend time with those who matter and don't forget to be homegirl to everyone.

and I think the quote from Anthony Green she had on her ribs says it all
"I believe in nothing but love and eternal forward momentum"

Keep moving forward, sharing love and kindness

Have a great safe day pussycats
and please keep it kind

P.S. Her family is accepting donations to help them out in their time of need and to help pay for their medical bills during this tragic time, please donate if you can. 

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  1. This article really did Lea some justice, and overall love and honor she deserves. Your writing was healing even for me as I read each word. Lovely piece.