#Girlboss: Alexz Johnson

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I've written about her before click here, but may I just say, my girl Alexz Johnson has been KILLING it lately. And official marks the start of my new series on this blog called #girlboss.

Alexz Johnson is a dreamy songstress from Canada whose crystal blue eyes, platinum blonde shiny bob and power house vocals make this bombshell my most favorite underrated artist ever.

I grew up with her while watching her show Instant Star, following her career with my nose pressed to my television. I knew with her, there was something special about this one, I just knew it.

Her career has been a veritable assortment of all things awesome, she starred in the creepy 90's Disney show So Weird, She got brutally murdered in one of the many Final Destination films, she got to star in a Lifetime original movie (a personal dream of mine) and she even has this amazing candid photo with Drake (left).

Her first solo album Voodoo is a deliciously haunting mix of strong vocals and the use of unusual background instruments and sounds a bit like a creepy cozy candlelit night reading tarot cards with your beau.

After that she released Skipping Stone EP, and this one hit it out of the park for me. This EP is raw and striped down, more so than anything she's previously released. Each song tells a different story and awakes a different feeling from the listener. Listening to this makes you feel like you're walking on the doc of a lake on a cold spring morning with a delicious vanilla latte in your hand.

Now, my girl is releasing even more music starting with her single "American Dreamer." This single and lyric video was premiered on Nylon.com and may I just say the video is as beautiful and magical as the song. Despite being from Canada Johnson illustrates the american dream in just 4 minutes and 37 seconds.

The song is kinda cranberries-y, kinda Rilo Kiley-y. I'm gonna say this song already makes me feel like I'm on a long drive around town during dusk wrapped in a warm sweater.

Alexz is a perfectly example of a #girlboss because she owns what she does. Her style, her sound, her career, she has taken full control of and that inspires me and everything I attempt to do.
Let me know what you think of her music, this article and my new series down below

Until then, have a great day
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