Elle Woods Moment.

Being a pop culture junkie, I constantly discuss significant moments throughout pop culture and how they pertain to my mundane post teen girl life (I also am guilty laying in street corners and pressing my face against the glass of the nearest radioshack to get any sort of pop culture buzz, I have track marks you know).

With the new year upon us, I thought this is an important time for us to get our b00tys in gear. While the new year provides its own sort of rebirth-inspiration, sometimes we need a kick in the pants, sometimes we need an outside source, sometimes we need our Elle Woods moment.

By "Elle Woods moment," you know exactly which scene I'm talking about, in exactly which film I'm talking about. If you don't are you like...7 or something? ANYWAY I'm talking about the 2001 film Legally Blonde, which is about a coppertone california babe, who goes to law school (because Blonde people aren't smart...helloooo) and with her tiny pup and sheer tenacity she manages to win over the hearts and minds of all the haters in her way. This film is super feminist (other than the use of the straw feminist trope), and it's all about girl power in its most purest, and pinkest form.

Now in the film, she goes to law school to follow her exboyfriend, and gets accepted based on her good looks. She, at first, is a total disaster, failing shit with no sorority sisters by her sides, general calamity ensues...

...But then, after being dooped into wearing a costume to a noncostume party, she has had it! She decideds that she is done with being subpar, and that if she is gonna get the man of her dreams she's going to need to start working for it. And then this beautiful moment happens.

This moment is so important because she finally starts to believe in herself. She begins to take her life into her beautifully manicured hands and begins to kick some major ass. THIS my friends is the Elle Woods moment, so whether the year has just started and you want to get fit, you just broke up with a dreamboat, you need to clean out your room, or fast forward a few months and you are up to your ears in midterm exams, you need to have your moment.

Remember kids, if you are feeling stressed, and you feel that your moment has arrived, blast "watch me shine" by this random irrelevant early 2000's popstar named Joanna Pacitti and get your shit done, OKAY?

I hope this helps someone in someways, and if not, at least it's a nice trip down memory lane
Have a great day pussycats and please keep it sassy,

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