Day Dreamer

Good Morrow Pussycats,
I realized I forgot to post yesterday, but two posts on friday is just as good, right? Even though my two sisters are unable to get out of bed to take my pictures, the amazingly talented Jhune Li is always there when I need here. Not only does she take gorgeous photos but she totally was my emotional crutch last night when I needed her most. And if you were wondering how we throw shade, we will drive past you really slow in my toyota corrola and BLAST Beyonce, because we flawless. You REALLY should check out her website and send her love because she actually is my better half.

Outfit Details: Top: Topshop / Jacket: Nasty Gal / Skirt: Kenzo / Backpack: Elizabeth and James /  Shoes: ASOS


Okay guys I'm off.
Off to a busy day of work, and then another busy day of work, then FINALLY a day off so yay me.
Look forward to a guest post tomorrow,

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