A Few Thoughts

Photo Credit: Julian Landini 
growing up and growing older is a really cool thing
we shed our exterior shells, skins and even cocoons to become the people we want to be
or maybe we simply adapt
whatever the case may be, it’s impossible to forget the love we once held, but we mustn’t expect it to adapt with us
Love is sorta like your favorite pair of shoes, what once was new and sparkly and magical, become withered, worn in and completely explored. 
You will keep them for as long as they mean something to you, but they just aren’t the same anymore after awhile.
And if they are a pair of flashy heels, maybe you’ll toss them to the curb along with other things you’ve grown tired of or that caused you pain
but if they are a study pair of doc martens, they only get better the longer you hold on to them.
I guess thats what we must to determine for ourselves.
And it’s easy to be sad about these sort of decisions, but I choose to be happy because as cliche as this whole rant has been, it’s better to have worn cute shoes and tossed, then to be shoeless..cause that sucks…thats how it goes right?


both my sisters are sick and I have no one to take photos of me
so I thought a little peak into my mind will suffice 
Have a great day,
please keep it sassy,

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