2k13 Look Back-Look Book

Photo credit: JHUNE LI
HAPPY NEW YEAR PUSSYCATS!So in years past I did a post at the end of every year called "My year in photos" where I would obviously summarize my year in months by photos. This year I thought I'd change it up and choose my three favorite outfits of the year because this year was actually kinda boring but my oufits we not so lets get into it!

  • JANUARY: The month of starting fresh and trying to move on post exdreamboat. I also lost a dear friend of my mothers and a dear friend of mines' mother :( also the month of plaid skirts
  • .
  • FEBRUARY: ~Birthday Month~ Aka Lurvvvv Month~ Aka month where I kicked scrub-dudes ass to the curb month, BAIIII also the month of sugar induced comas, bad hair dyes and SHORT HAIR GAHHH
  • MARCH: The month of crying a lot, wearing gratuitously fancy dress and The Bling Ring. The month of Amanda Bynes twitter account, the Betty and Veronica collection for MAC and Lemonade
  • APRIL: The month of lots and lots of tears, post teen girl angst, 90's movies and fake proms. ALSO the month where I began to brainstorm for DAILYSASS.COM

  • MAY: The month where I did more crying, too a break from blogging blogging, took lots of webcam photos and SUMMER VACATION! Also Kelsey graduated from College and I still didn't...
  • JUNE: The month of more webcam selfies, working my ass off, developing a relationship with my best friend ANDREW and of course more bloggy brainstorming. Song of the month "Summertime Sadness" by my queen Lana.
  • JULY: The month of late night meetings with Christine, slurpees, stupid trips trolling the mall with Andrew AND TDS WAS BORN!!!
  • AUGUST: The month of DAILYSASS.COM, the month of my trip to San Francisco, my sisters birthdays and school beginning again. Also the month of Phantom planet and iced matcha lattes! 
  • SEPTEMBER:The month of humidity, visits from ole pals, oxfords and sweet books, sister bonding and book reports and The Shins.

  • OCTOBER: Aka the best month ever. aka the month of Teen Vogue Fashion University, aka the month of being a big girl AKA the month of Halloween MY FAVORITE. It was also the month of the band HAIM, the month of pretzels, hot coffees and leather jackets.
  • NOVEMBER: The month of GETTING SHIT DONE, the month of turkey, the month of 750 word essays and triple shots of espresso. The month of Vampire Weekend and watching all four seasons of Sister Wives
  • DECEMBER: The month of final exams and lovely lovely presents. The month where there was more candy than halloween, and I only dealt with polite shoppers (as if). The month I got one step closer to graduating AND my first A+ in my college career! Not to mention the month where I hit 3 years as a blogger!
So guys, it's been ridiculously real.
I love this blog and I loved this year and I look forward to the future with all you lovely little babes!
Have a great day, a great new year and PLEASE keep it sassy,


  1. Waaaa you are so cute in all your pics. I love all your outfits! Wish i could raid your wardrobe ):