Why I hate the Holidays.

Dear Pussycats,
It's December, oh em gee. But instead of stringing popcorn garlands, buying trinkets and sklinkets for every employee at the plaza hotel or just burning chestnuts at the fire (or whatever you're supposed to do with chestnuts), I'm still in the midst of absolute hell aka the blackout retail season and the final weeks of my fall semester. SO I put on my fanciest digs and decided to make a list about all the things I'm not looking forward to this holiday season because...why not?
  • Holiday parties involving lots of schmoozing (I hate schmoozing)
  • Angry customers who procrastinated on their holiday shopping
  • Tight dresses, and wide waisted sweatpants
  • The media telling me it's okay to indulge in all the delicious goodness but then immediately after christmas I'm told to get a gym membership 
  • Secret Santa, ughhhh buying quasi strangers presents is really difficult okay?
  • The fact that all I want to do is take time off, but there is no way I can due to my intense schedule 
  • Also don't take your kids to the mall, fuckk it doesn't seem that difficult!
  • Everyone is always asking me for my schedule but idk i'm busy okay!! I don't even have time to blog much less time to cruizzze.  
  • but the thing I hate most is this forced feeling of happiness, let me decide how I feel and act accordingly, I have feeling like I should feel any which way okay? SOMETIMES I'M JUST CRABBY OKAY!

Outfit details: Jacket: Vintage / Dress: Betsey Johnson / Purse: Borrowed from Hayley / bracelet: vintage / shoes: Vintage Feragamo / 

Now, I hope yall know that I'm joking. I'm a very lucky girl who is fortunate enough to have a family and friends that want me to have a great holiday. However may I just say one thing, be nice to all customer service, food service or postal service people you deal with this month, guaranteed that whatever you're upset about isn't their personal fault and they don't deserve to be treated like shit.  I love you guys so much,have a great day and please keep it sassy,xoxoxooxoxSasssquatch

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  1. Aw I'm sorry the holiday season isn't your favorite (any season working retail is the pits imo), but you look freaking cute in your poofy dress.