TBT: 5 Celebrities in Really Embarrassing Shit From the Early 2000's

I write a lot about fashion and feminism, but there is nothing I love more than pop culture. Correction, nothing I love more than really embarrassing pop culture moments from the early 2000's. So without further ado, LETS GET INTO THIS THROW BACK THURSDAY POST!

1. Lucy Hale on American Juniors
In 2003, riding off of major American Idol popularity, Fox decided to launch a baby series, featuring, well...babies. But instead of finding one winner, they competed to be in a group of 5 artists, similar to SClub7 or A Teens but like, the really shitty pimply version.

The 5 artists released an album with little to no publicity and the band broke up soon after, but there was a rare diamond in the rough (and by rough I mean copious amounts of mesh gloves and kangol hats) and that gem was pretty little liar, Lucy Hale. LOOK AT THOSE EYEBROWS! And girl can sing too! Enjoy Pussycats.

2. Haim for Trollz
In the words of ACDC, "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll" and that way may just include many manufactured projects, that will probably compromise your creative vision. But hey, guap is guap and I don't judge Danielle and Este Haim for being part of the 2005 girl band the "Valli Girls." 
This sugary pop act got a gig singing the song, "It's a Hair Thing" for the very short lived Trollz television show on UPN. Singing lyrics such as "we conquer evil then go shopping,"... We all gotta start somewhere okay?

3. Fergie on The Great Pretenders
Fergie of "My humps," fame was in a moderately successful girl band called Wild Orchid  (which are shockingly ranked #18 in best girl bands of all time by US Weekly, but I digress) before she was "Fergie." 

And this moderatley known girl band were the hosts of one of the weirdest, most pointless shows that ever existed called The Great Pretenders. The premise of the show was simmilar to an American Idol set up, except the contestants were teenagers and they didnt sing, they just lipsank to songs....you'll just have to check it out
WTH SHOW IS THIS! And the worst part is I remember watching it every saturday! It isn't even moderately entertaining or interesting! *sigh*

4. Aaron Paul in a Corn Pops commercial
THISSSSSSSSS, oh Aaron Paul, before you were breaking bad you were just a super hungry angsty teen who had to have his pops! Gah, This shit is so embarrassing, but so cute and gives all former cereal enthusiasts hope!

5. Lindsey Lohan and Tyra Banks in Life Sized
This one you might've remembered. Tyra Banks starred as a barbie doll that came to life, due to a young Lindsey Lohan's creepy satanic seance in the 2000 Disney Channel Original movie Life Sized. Clamaity ensues, there are many costume changes and make over scenes and all in all Tyra teaches a young Lindsey Lohan how to love again *live studio audience "awwwwws"*

And this song never gets old.

So I hope this throw back thursday makes you feel not as embarrassed about the tweed newsboy caps and monogramed bowling bags you once donned. And remember, nothing is as embarrassing as that Aaron Paul corn pops commercial okay?
Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,
xoxoxox Sasssquatch

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