Stress Hives and What Not.

Good Morning Pussycats,
As I've mentioned briefly on my facebook page it has been finals week for me, and it's safe to say I have not been handling it well.
There is this thing called "stress hives," that develops on very stressed-out babes, in particular stressful moments of history. I've only encountered hives once before, as a tiny fourth grader with an allergic reaction to pinesole, but now they are back and crazier than ever.
And while one might immediatly say "EWWWW," stress hives are kinda cool because they remind me to calm down, take a deep breathe and de-stress when possible. It reminds me to take the time to indulge in one more hour in my bed watching Buffy on Netflix. Or to take a lavender bath, or to get your favorite hypoallergenic calamine lotion and go to town.
I constantly stress and I constantly worry about the future, but sometimes it's good just to breathe, and stay calm and in the now. Jhune recently took these photos of me, and the feeling of calm that is evoked in these images really parallels my current mood and mental state...which is finally at ease. You go Jhune, you go! Goodness I have talented friends.  

Outfit Details: Scarf: Vintage, Top: Topshop, Jacket: Topshop, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Topshop, Skirt: Bario Vintage

Okay guys I hope my creepy medical scare gave you all a little bit of hope and encouragement,or at least that you appreciate how talented my friend Jhune is! 2 of my finals are done and the next one isn't until friday so until then ADIOS MUCHAHOSHave a great day,and please keep it sassy,xoxoxoxSasssquatch

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  1. Under stress I always have labial herpes and aphthas, so you are in good company girl.
    Good luck for Friday ^^