Well Hello Hello there, Pussycats,
Long time no see! I know what you all must be thinking, "I thought this blog was called 'dailysass,' not 'notsodailysass' or 'whenevershefeelslikeitsass.'" However I have an excuse! And it's called SCHOOL. As you know my finals are almost done and I'm certainly ready for the holidays and writing and blogging more and for those real sasssquatch die hard fans, this month just happens to be my 3 year anniversary month *cough* give away *cough.* So there are exciting things coming up okay? In the mean time, the main thing that has been cheering me up is playing dress up for no reason, so bare with me alright?
Outfit Details: Top: Diane Von Furstenberg / Dress: Betsey Johnson / Shoes: Chanetelle Paris from Nordstrom / Tights: American Apparel / Jacket: Vintage / Earrings: My Mothers

Sometimes I just like to lie around all languid, doing absolutely nothing, pretending to be somewhere else. Don't we all like to pretend cheerios are cavier, that our tiny corrollas are really porches and that we have been featured on MTV cribs? Or is that just me?

Have a great day pussycats,
and please keep it sasssy,

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