Day After Christmas, Oi Vey

Pussycats,Christmas has just passed and you may be feeling blue just like me. What is there to look forward to now? But hey, if you're family sucks, at least you are free from a negative triggering environment- full of being reminded that you are single while you shove your face full of empty calories. now! You can go home and actually relax while looking at your new shoes and just smile. It's done now pussycats. No more shopping, no more mall chaos, just enjoy your time before school starts again!  

Outfit Details: Sweater: Topshop / Jacket: Nasty Gal / Skirt: Topshop / Purse: Diane Von Furstenberg / Shoes: Charlotte Olympia

My silly flat collection is getting absolutely ridiculous!
Wish me luck working on the day after christmas, man, for the girl with a fashion blog, I'm certainly over our consumeristic society. You seriously can wait people. Ugh
Have a great day pussycats and don't forget to enter my giveaway
keep it sassy,

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