Daily Sass Gift Guide: BLOGGERS!

Well Hello pussycats,
When asked, I deliver! Another dailysass gift guide, but this time its for all of us, BLOGGERS! I made a list of a few items that I think are pretty groovy for the average tumblr addict, so without further ado *Kenan and Kel Voice* awwww here it goes 
  1. Fuji Film Instax- Y'all know I have two of these babies now, and I love them, and they are the ultimate party item, that is, a pity party item, that you throw yourself while following your cat around your room, pantsless, trying to take an instax photo of her to later put on tumblr, all while wallowing in self pity. $99 not including film
  2. I'm Famous on Tumblr T-shirt - Because I'm sure all your friends who don't use tumblr always tease you and call you "tumblr famous," when you actually aren't, but they are too dense to realize. $26 
  3. Pussy Pillow- I think I featured this last year, but it's just too puuurrrfect! $18
  4. Creepy Tumblr Sweater- Because nothing says "blogger" more than this sweater, it literally has everything *REBLOGS* $50
  5. CFDA USB BRACELETS- You guys, you guys, these are bracelets AND USB Iphone 5 chords!!! EVERYTHING IS PERFECT AND NOTHING HURTS, WHAT IS AIR (and the profits go to charity! Could we ask for more? maybe if it was pizza flavored...but I digress) $25 
  6. Frendz Oil Spill Headphones - Cause they are cool okay? $199
  7. Iridescent Marc Jacobs ipad case- Cause I'm just assuming you have a fancy-pants ipad to endlessly scroll on and you need a fancy pants case. $138
  8. Vampire Weekend Shirt- Because band merch is essential. $13.99
  9. Jeremy Scott Booger Bag-Because over on tumblr, we like two things, we like Jeremy Scott, and we like creepy things, WIN WIN $98 
  10. Pink ipad/laptop case - So you are forced to sit upright and use your ipad the proper way, also so it doesn't fall on your face when you are holding it over your head in bed $32
  11. Kenzo dream shoes- cause they shoes are the dream, okay? $125

Here are some other items that I thought were tres cute and tres tumblr.
  • Canon T3i- Also a camera, every blogger needs a camera, this is the one I use and the one I absolutely love it! It has picture taking and video-ing abilities and I sound super smart talking about technology right? $549

  • Deladeso Prints- Also I'm absolutely obsessed with their creepy portraits and you can buy your very own! 

I hope you find your sweet blogger something they will absolutely love. Other ideas are: Bagel bites, a cheeta print snuggie, pumpkin spice latte mix, a kurig, wrist guards for their carpal tunnel, and of course your wifi password.
Have a great day pussycats,
and please keep it sassy,

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  1. i didn't know you liked VW!!!i really like all the stuff on this guide+just wish i had the money to buy the stuff