Too School for School.

Hey Hey Pussycats!
Today we're doing something a little different. Today's photos were taken by the lovely and talented Jhune Li, she is my friend and she is nice and she has been in my bio class for which Im forever grateful for. So quickly, today's life lesson is, TIME MANAGEMENT. If I had a dollar for every time I wished I was organized, I would be Daddy Warbucks. I don't know what it is about me, I'm just as neurotic as someone who would be obsessively organized, yet I fall short, buried under piles of homework, clothing and other variations of shit that lead to my Mount Everest status demise. 
Maybe, try to wake up early or try to buy a planner but above all things DON'T TREAT YOUR CAR LIKE IT'S YOUR SECOND BACKPACK. Because when all aspects of your life are disorganized INCLUDING your means of escape, you'll be screwed more than Jesse Spano in that caffeine pill addiction episode... 

I really just love this skirt, okay?

And on that note have a great day pussycats
and PLEASE keep it sassy and not totally disorganized, maybe?


  1. I have now come to almost immediately associate plaid skirts with you haha. Which is a good thing, because you wear them so well. Also, the colour combination and distressed parts of the jumper are super

  2. It just reminds me to Liv Tyler circa Empire Records