Tigers and Sweaters are Better Together

Hey hey baby Pussycats,
This is a simple outfit. And this outfit makes me feel bougie. And I want to be simple and bougie sometimes okay? I bought this sweater for my magical trip to New York City, click here,  and this sweater is just the angora personification of my dreams and my big girl trip/life. Not to mention I feel like one of those crazy old ladies who frequents Atlantic city wearing this thing. Dressing like a crazy old person is an ichiban goal of mine, okay people? ALSO LOOK GUYS! I'M WEARING JEANS!!! When was the last time you guys ever saw me wearing actual pants? Never guys, cause I never wear pants!! ALSO MY SHOES HAVE HASHTAGS, you guys, I'm just really feelin this outfit #feelinmyself.
Outfit Details: Sweater: Kenzo / Jeans: Acne / Shoes: Chantelle Paris / Bracelets: Vintage

On that note I hope you are having a wonderful day and feeling YOURSELF!
and don't forget to keep it sassy,

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