I Have a Crush on Rachel Antonoff!

Rachel Antonoff is blonde fashion designer babe residing in New York, and if you haven't heard of her already be prepared for her fashion and inspiration to steal your heart out of your butt. 
Her spring 2014 collection is called CRUSH and she made this lovely little video lookbook telling the story of how her parents met with the help of "Community" star Gillian Jacobs and her DREAMY little brother Jack Antonoff.

CRUSH from Rachel Antonoff on Vimeo.

I have my period right now (tmi...whatever) and so this video melted my heart like straight up, FONDUE! omg the pumpkins, the cardboard hearts, the fashion...oh yes that fashion, isn't that why we are talking about this? ahahah anyway the fashion was ABSOLUTELY adorable and upon doing my research I found out that real life Daria-Aubrey Plaza was the model for her collection
Here are my favorite looks:

Aubrey is so cute and is the perfect human personification of this collection, especially cause I have a mini crush on her! CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the looks. Also I can't believe I missed out on her shoe collection with Bass. Good thing there is ebay and christmas coming up!
Well that about does it pussycats,
If you don't have a crush on Rachel I WILL CRUSH YOU! Hahah jkHave a great day and pleasee keep it sassy,xoxoxoxSasssquatch

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  1. Wow this is amazing, my crush on Rachel Antonoff just grew about 5 billion times. Is it just me or does Aubrey Plaza look super amazing in that last picture.