Fluff n Stuff

Bon Jour Pussycats,
sometimes I feel like Cee-lo Green. And on those days I must reflect that in my wardrobe, okay? Throughout my years of expressing myself through dress, I've been asked many different times if I worry what potential suitors will think. To that I say "HA," If I honestly cared what suitors, haters or what have you, I would've abandoned my faux fur for jeans and a jamba juice fun run t-shirt a looooong time ago. Pussycats, don't let anyone judge you for what you wear, and tell the haters to back off, life is to short to not fully embrace your joie de vie and to be the pussycat you want to be! 

Outfit Details: Jacket: Lark / Blouse: Topshop / Skirt: Astr / Pouch: Borrowed from my sister Kelsey / Boots: Asos


So thats about it folks. Be yourself, do your thing, tell the haters to back off and onto the next one *flip hair* You guys we can make it through this week, it's ALMOST turkey day, thank goodness.
Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,

you can tell I had another photographer today, lol.


  1. this looks so cosy! I love the colour too!


  2. Love yr blog. It's hilar and that jacket is the divine! Please check out my blog at chameleonsoul7.blogspot.com xx