Dear School, HAVE MERCY!

Have you been overwhelmed with school and absolutely dying in anticipation for Christmas break? Have you been lying face down on your bed wallowing in self pity in regards to all the work that is due that you have yet to begin? Have you been using your notebook paper more as a shitty substitute for tissue paper to wipe up your tears than for actual notebook uses? Well Pussycats, don't worry, we all are except for that really uppity prick in your 8:30 class, (or maybe they just internalize it...who knows!)
SO someone asked me on tumblr for some study tips and remember guys, when you ask, I answer!

  • Don't cry- But seriously, crying even at your most stressful moment should be saved for later because it won't help anything when you actually need to get something done.
  • Colorful pens make note taking more fun, but so does Beer, so I recommend a study beer or two BUT NEVER MORE THAN 2, you will be wasted and grammar and syntax tend to take the back burner when you are titling your email to your professor with "Hey Broseph"
  • No matter what people tell you "internal plagiarizing" is not a bad thing, if you wrote the paper once and you can use it again, its like the universe is giving you a high five! Just remember to look through it carefully and check the work cited because it may have the date you accessed the website, although lets be real, what professors actually read through your work cited page.
  • Plan a study date with your friend, it will give you an excuse to look cute at a coffee place, will force you to do your work and who doesn't like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?
  • Just do your damn work...I know you can do it okay?

Outfit Details: Sweater: Betsey Johnson / Skirt: TopShop / Bag: Red Valentino / Tights: Topshop / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Notebook: Urban Outfitters / Earrings: Etsy

So thats about it friends.
Just remember you got this dude.
Have a great day
and please keep it sassy,


  1. You look gorgeous, and very ready to study! I love coffee dates but I usually end up doing more of the coffeed drinking and less of the actual essay writing haha xx