Daily Sass Gift Guide: ME!

So you're thinking about buying me a gift huh? You pussycats are FAAAR too kind!
Luckily for you, here on Dailysass.com we've got you covered. Everything I've ever dreamed of, right in time for this holiday season. Last year I did an all inclusive holiday gift guide click here and so this year I thought I'd go into a few, so let me know in the comments down below who you need to think of an idea for!
  1. The F***k Off Locket by pumpkinseedjewelry- because I've yet to see a piece of jewelry that is as sweet and as badass as this locket. And I don't know about y'all but as a small child I always wanted a locket with a tiny picture of my parents or some shit so I could be all sentimental and shed one tear while looking at the moon light, okay? $30.00
  2. Brown Bear Paper Trophy by PaperwolfsShop- Because I love bears, and love geometry. AND you get taxidermy inspired wall art without the harm of any sweet bears! It's an ichiban scenario if you ask me. $65.55+
  3. Donut Worry Mug- Because inspirational coffee mugs are some of my favorite things ever. Normally I go for ones with a bear or wilderness motiff but nothing looks happier than this sweet donut AND it's telling me not to worry?!? Who made this Bobby McFernin!?! About $13.47 
  4. Pink Teddybear Necklace by ONCH- Because Nicki Minaj owns this. I said NICKI MINAJ OWNS THIS. Do I need another reason? $65
  5. Juniper heels from Topshop- They remind me of Miu Miu, except they are a fraction of the price. Plus I can get them where I work, and that excites me a lot. $80
  6. Hug Me / For Keeps / Be Mine Charlotte Olympia Clutches- I ask for hugs 24/7, you guys should know this by now. I also dream of Charlotte Olympia 24/7 so what a perfect set of bags. If I could own each one, I would alternate them upon my mood, however their price is the part of this item that is in my dreams. $1295 wah wah wahhhh
  7. Day of the Week Knickers by Stella McCartney- Because these are a beautiful and sophisticated twist on grade school favorite, but maybe this time around I'd get the days right..eff who am I kidding, I probably still wouldn't wah waaaaahh. $195 
  8. Lazy Oaf Kitty Boom Boom Bomber- Because I love jackets but I swear they don't make as many cropped jackets as I'd like. And they especially don't make as many cat themed jackets I'd like. $169
  9. Rachel Antonoff Polkadot Bra Top and Full Skirt- Because yall know how much I'm obsessed with her click here. Top: $98 Skirt: $198
  10. Alice goes to Cannes, Anna Karin Karlsson Cat Eye- Because aren't they just divine? They are something out of a Holly Golightly dream closet! $665
  11. Cher Horowitz Prayer Candle- Because Cher, may just be my ultimate queen. $15.55
  12. Charlotte Olympia Cheeta Cat Flats- Because Alexa Chung rocks these, okay? Need I need anymore of a reason? $825
Other things I love are:
  • Alexa Chung for Eyeko Gift Set- Because you guys, ALEXA CHUNG made EYE LINER. That is literally my ichiban combo EVER. $45
  • Any Vampire Weekend Vinyl- Because I'm buying a record player and my collection is rather dreary. This isnt exclusive to Vampire Weekend, I'll take any vinyl that you think I'd dig, because sharing music is fun and we can all wear long socks and dance around my room listening to them!
  • Sylvia Plath Art By LucyLoveThis- Because Sylvia is the best and thats my favorite color pink, and I just dig okay? It reminds me of all things I love and I just think this is a beautiful tribute. $24.87

Lastly, Seth Cohen inspired art by Roaringsoftly- This little artist has become my favorite favorite favorite lately. She has a drawing for any of your favorite fictional characters and you guys know how much I love Seth Cohen, lets be real. $20Obviously I am not demanding any of this, I would be happy with any gift someone was kind enough to give me and when in doubt food always works too! I like all edible items, especially if they come in nugget form. And maybe if a few of you pussycats would like to do a secret santa gift exchange that could be really fun!This week has been really stressful, but just thinking about christmas and thinking about you guys has got me all excitied, I feel like I'm Seth Cohen on the eve of Christmakah! And on that note I'm off, what items do you want this christmas? Let me know down below!Have a great dayand please keep it sassy,xoxoxox

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