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Howdy Do Pussycats,
Today is veterans day which means NO SCHOOL! But also thanks for your service veterans! My Grandpa served in WW2 as a news corespondent in the coast guard reserves but because his eyes were so bad he never actually saw combat. My grandpa was the only other person in my immediate family who was a lefty and when he was 16-years-old he train hopped all around America with his best friend, who later wrote The Travels of Jamie McPheeters which became a TV show! My Grandpa loved creme pie and his favorite song was the Tennessee Waltz, I think we would've gotten a long great! So instead of visiting his grave like I'd like to today, I'm stuck working retail, but I can still pay tribute to him via this blog and by eating a GIANT sandwich today, my grandpa LOVED those too!
So the biggest question of this outfit is to Fedora or not to Fedora, cause I'm sorry but I'm having a GREAT hair day!?!
I'm gonna vote, no Fedora, only because hats are for Bad Hair days in the words of my mother

Outfit Details: Dress: Topshop / Sweater: American Apparel / Boots: Aldo / Hat: Urban Outfitters / Bracelets: Vintage / Necklace: The Pearl River Mart in Hong Kong courtsey of my mothers best friend Lisa!

I hope you guys have a GREAT veterans day
remember to be thankful for all that the veterans have done for our awesome country
and please keep it sassy

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