Video: ~September Favorites~

I know I said videos will be posted on sundays but technically, I posted this on sunday, I just didn't post it here on sunday. ANYWHO, a simple video showing off my favorite items of September. Let me know if you like this sort of video, I've been wanting my videos to be shorter but obviously having a problem in that department, so let me know what you think! If you have any other video ideas that you want to see let me know <3

Also, this morning I had a thought. Should I participate in National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) this month or not? I'm SO stressed with work and school, but I've put it off for YEARS now and I am someone who needs a deadline to get anything doneeeeee hmmmmm.... Are any of you doing it this year? Or have done it in the past? I have three more weeks to decide but I'm thinking it could be fun! but man, 50k words is A LOT, let me know what you guys think <3

Have a great day pussycats
and PLEASE, keep it sassy,

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