Tres Populaire!

Bonjour mon petite Pussycats,
Today I have a film review for you. Now I know I haven't reviewed a film in ages but I saw a film that was just too cute and I had to tell you about it immediately. The film is called Populaire, and it's a French romantic comedy about a woman named Rose Pamphyle and how, with the training of Louis Echard, she becomes the fastest typist in the world. The film is set in 1959 and the clothing, sets, costumes and pretty much every aesthetic detail was so completely on point, I instantly fell in love.

The film managed to capture the sweetness and grace of films of the past, while even capturing the same cinematic glow that films like Funny Face or Pillow Talk appear to have. The clothing was to die for, the music was so catchy and the story just melted my heart, not to mention that despite my general distaste for "rom coms" I totally shed several tears! Also after 5 traumatic years of attempting to learn le francais, I have rekindled my love for the language, even though I still can't speak it!

^That is by far my favorite scene in the entire film! Oh wait, that's a lie, I literally loved every second, every frame and every detail of this film, est tres spectaculaire! And while I really want you to see it for yourself, I don't think its a total spoiler to mention that this film has amazing feminist undertones, especially considering that it is based in 1959. Rose is spunky and she is herself and she is talented and while with the help of Louis she reaches successes, her success is because she worked hard and believed in herself and didn't settle for a drab life! While I could type on and on about this film, I need to mention how happy Orla Kelly's AW 13' collection made me, especially considering its OBVIOUS inspiration! 

(also February 16th is my birthday...jus saying)

Feminism, France and fabulous Fifties fashion! What more could a girl ask for! I highly recommend this movie and this fashion line and yes, everything!Let me know if you've seen this film and or collection or any of it!Have a great day pussycatsand please keep it sassy,xoxoxoxoxSasssquatch

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