NY Day 3: Graduation Day!

G'Day Pussycats!
Today was my last official day in the city and I needed to spend it well! It began with me getting ready, it was such an amazing feeling putting on my cute ALC dress and my new red lipstick and hitting the town hard. This trip was the first time I’ve ever felt like I can do anything by myself, I realize that after pondering Britney Spears iconic song, “Not a girl,” that its safe to say I think I’m a woman…sorta. It’s safe to say, I was doing “my thang.” Anywho I skipped to the Hudson theatre, I mean I walked tough like a New Yorkaah got a cup of Joe and got a sweet spot near the stage. 

We had a lovely introduction by Jason Wagenheim and we got to watch “The Editors’ Eye” a documentary all about Vogue magazine. Which was followed by our last guests, Eve Macsweeny and Phyllis Posnick. 
They were so funny and original and just classically New York and even more classically Vogue. The main thing Phyllis stressed was about how important your vision and a good eye is and I couldn’t agree more. She inspired me to get back into film photography and this whole weekend just got me really excited for my future and the future of this blog. 

Then Amy Astley came back on stage, looking lovely as always, as gave the closing statement. She is just so inspiring and this whole weekend was probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me, so thank you again Teen Vogue for giving me such an amazing opportunity! 


We stood in a long line and got our photos taken with our adorable diplomas, me and a few of my friends picture ended up on the TVFU facebook page so YAY! I had the rest of the day ahead of me and I needed to spend it well. My friend Monika and I walked around and took pictures by the Conde Nast building because its just cool, okay? 

Outfit Details: Dress: ALC /  Jacket: Nasty Gal / Backpack: Elizabeth and James / Shoes: Topshop / Lipstick: Mac

 Monika is so darling and sweet, look forward to seeing her on this blog too.

Then I headed downtown to meet up with one of my forever old internet friends. Bar and I had met on tumblr about 4 years ago. 

We used to skype all the time and make plans to meet on the East Coast, and were really a support system for each other and it was really cool to finally meet.
We got pizza and just hung out for a bit with one of her friends, it was so relaxed and wasn’t awkward because we really have known each other for a long time now. Then it was off to meet up with more friend, I ONLY HAD 3 DAYS IN THE CITY PEOPLE!

Also check out this place...is it our kinda place or what!

Then I headed back into town to meet up with another great pal! When your sisters have great life-long friends, so do you. I met Bianca when I was about 12 or 13 I’m guessing and she is honestly one of those amazing people that just knowing is a pleasure.

*obligatory subway pic*

She picked me up and we took the subway, which I avoided most of the weekend  and we headed to Brooklyn.

She took me around another part of New York which was amazing, we went to Queens and Williamsburg and got delicious sushi with other pals that I’ve known 5ever Eric and John and her new friend Raoul (I think that’s how you spell it?). 

We saw some kewl artz on the way! And The sushi was delicious especially considering the name, Soba Bukkake...ew. and then we got ice cream, stopped at a bookstore and took stoop pictures, the night seriously ran away from me. And I was taking a cab across the Brooklyn Bridge I looked out at this lovely city and realized how many friends I still haven’t met up with and haven’t even met yet so I just figured I NEED to move here. It was settled.
After a cozy night sleep and quickly packing in the morning our good pal Richard picked me up and we were off to the airport!
New York, it’s been real
But I can’t wait till I move there and you become my reality.


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  1. oh my gosh ily. This whole tripped seemed like so much fun! It's a shame the Teen Vogue thing only lasted a few days though :c but nothing beats those BEAUTIFUL topshop shoes! <3