NY Day 2: Teen Vogue Fashion University!

Today was the day!
Today was Teen Vogue Fashion University!!! I woke up super early, finished yesterdays blogpost, put on my special Kenzo sweater and hit the town!
I met up with these two darling ladies and after some coffee we headed over to the Hudson theatre.

WE WERE IN!!! After registration and after perusing their vendor booths I was ready to get in there!
Also I met this friend Jamie! She was so sweet and nice and we found out, due to the tininess of our globe we had a mutual friend in one of my coworkers! How strange is that!? 

The day began with an introduction by Jason Wagenheim. He was darling and funny and instantly put me at ease, I was here, I was breathing and I was going to be awesome.

Then we had a Q+A with Amy Astley the editor and a few of the other Teen Vogue Editors! I WAS IN HEAVEN! Being so close to my idols and people that I admire so much was one of the most overwhelming but exciting feelings ever. I tried to ask a question but I didn't got called on but fear not, I ran up to Amy Astley and at least gave her my business card, so on the off chance you are reading this Ms. Astley, it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday!!!

Outfit Details: Sweater: Kenzo / Skirt: Zara / Tights: Nordstrom / Bag: DVF

Then I ran into my darling new friend Kengie!!! She was actually a life savor this entire day!

We waited in a long line after the speakers right outside of the Conde Nast building. I WAS HERE YOU GUYS! Just taking that moment in, the moment that I was here again, and I got to enter through the doors and actually go up the elevator and I just was so excited, it was an amazing moment.

First Speaker: Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, basically the queen of party planning and PR. The most important thing I learned from her Q+A was "Don't just do the job in front of you, do it right." What great insight! I also asked her what she wore when she met Anna Wintour for the first time and she told me a blue and white striped Ralph Lauren pant suit and that the classics work forever.

ERIKA BEARMAN! AKA OSCAR PR GIRL! She was so gorgeous up close and so funny! And I think the best gem of advice I got from her was to BE HUNGRY

Yes...I saw Alexa Chung. She was as personable and funny and delightful as you'd image! While I didn't get a picture I did get to ask her a question. I asked her who was the first major person she interviewed and I asked her what its like being interviewed. She said The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but she spent the majority of the interview drawing fake tattoos on the boys and that it is weird for her because as an interviewer she wants people to open up but she knows how difficult that actually is.  

Then she got swarmed its kinda like playing Where's Waldo!?

COCO ROCHA GAHHHHH! The most important thing I learned from her speech was just to be yourself and have fun!

THEN THE BLOGGER PANNEL.  Emily Weiss and Nick Axelrod from Into the Gloss and Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg from The Coveteur! Stephanie Mark mentioned she was from Nova Scotia and so I asked them how it is trying to make it into the industry living so far away and they told me internships and social media are the most important thing and you just need to put yourself out there!
After a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day me and Kengie ran to my hotel, changed, then off to the Topshop party!
Outfit Details: Top: Topshop / Sweater: Topshop / Skirt: Maje / Backpack Elizabeth & James
MINI DONUTS MAKE ME GO NUTS! It was such an amazing party! I spent A LOT hahah ohwell <3
LOOK HOW CUTE KENGIE IS!! She is a tiny blogger and fear not she'll be featured on here soon ;)

We were so starving that we stopped at the first place we saw, Chipotle. And even though I've had only alright experiences with Chipotle everything tasted SO GOOD this time around.

Forgive the lack of photos but man was I EXHAUSTED yesterday. I took a long cab ride back from Soho, got up to my room on the 42nd floor and PASSED OUT. I woke up this morning to see this sunrise and I just can't. New York is seriously the best and I just love it so much here.


  1. GIRL! DYING AT ALEXA CHUNG!!!! I've totally seen her interview with RHCP and it's one of my favorites of all time.... <3333

  2. Lovey outfits!
    Normally girls like branded clothing like Bella.