NY Day 1: Hot Child in the City

Today was actually the best day ever. Today was also one of the longest most jam-packed day's ever, and its only the first! Last I left off I took a shower and got ready for adventure, then I waited for my darling friend Kate to meet up with me. 

You guys remember Kate! Shes that brilliant photographer/New York darling who originally hails from Honolulu as well. I've known Kate pretty much my whole life and she is one of those rare friends that we can drive to the North Shore of Oahu or walk around Manhattan and have tons and tons of fun. So we met up and went to this weirdo vegan place and we had the most New York experience...

So this place I guess was primarily vegan,  so when I ordered a "vegan quiche" I didn't really think about what a "vegan quiche" would actually be. I guess in my delirious mind I didn't think "wait a minute, quiche needs eggs" ANYWHO. I got the quiche, it was weird and then in hopes to make it taste...idk more breakfast-y I asked the waitress if I could have Ketchup to which she responded "Oh I'm sorry we don't have any in this restaurant," WTF SO PRETENTIOUS! WHY WOULDN'T THEY HAVE KETCHUP! WHAT IS IN A VEGAN QUICHE! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!
Then off to Central park! I had the idea to buy a croissant and eat it outside of Tiffany's playing Henry Mancini's "Moon River" softly on my iphone but then dun dun DUN. We get there and there is this row of about 14 30-something year old women sitting on the ground outside of Tiffany's EATING MCDONALDS. I'm sorry, but I'm like 99% sure it was BREAKFAST at Tiffany's not MCMUFFIN AT TIFFANY'S! I can't! I CAN'T! So Kate and I quickly ran away cause it was awful. 

The park was exactly as I remembered! I missed this place so much!

THEN OFF TO MOMA!! I have this thing where I only like pink art, or art featuring the color pink because I it's just my favorite okay? So we went all around very quickly and I snapped a few of my favorites!
Aries - Annette Kelm
I totally forgot to write the name of this one down! GAH!

THIS PIECE WAS MY FAVORITE!!!! It's called The Absolutely Naked Fragrance and its my absolute favorite color of pink! Read the bio about this piece, I just die it was so cute. 

Another cool piece, choice photo Kate! Ugh she is just the best! I also forgot to write the name of this piece down too!

Then we headed to Chelsea and I saw this pink bike that was just too cute!

I fell asleep in the taxi ride so I needed espresso DESPERATELY! We went to Cafe Grumpy and it was delicious and yes. Also you can tell I love grumpy accessories hahaha

Then we headed to High Line park and walk around and chatted. Also you can see a tiny tiny tiny statue of liberty in the background, I just assume this will be the closest I get to her but thats okay, Lady Liberty knows we are girls!
The flowers were just gorgeous and it was so sunny and pretty and gah yes. 
Outfit Details: Top: Topshop / Sweater: Topshop / skirt: Maje / Tights: Nordstrom / Shoes: My sister Hayleys / Purse: Elizabeth and James.

We're really cute and really photogenic. Also this may be the first photo of Kate and I together ever so...this is historic

This view was just gorgeous! Then we headed to this super hip restaurant and another super new york thing happened. I had a deluxe lamb sloppy joe. LAMB SLOPPY JOE. It was really crip but I prefer manwich, does that mean that I hate myself?
THEN WE WENT TO SOHO! We went into a few stores and everything was beautiful and I wanted to buy all the things but at that point I was EXHAUSTED, it was time to go home! So I hailed a cab and went home for a nap. but Pussycats the night had seriously only JUST begun.
Then I took that beautiful nap changed my outfit then headed out for the first Teen Vogue Fashion event!

I met up with a group of the girls from a facebook page we have and we all decided to walk over together! 
Outfit Details: Dress: Tibi, Jacket: Nasty Gal / Tights: Nordstrom / Shoes: TopShop
We also had an impromptu photoshoot! This was my darling friend named Kengie. I wanted to steal her and keep her in my pocket forever. 


MEGAN! This girl has completely saved my life! We've been talking online for awhile and she did the program last year and answered all my questions and put up with my crazy and yes, she is the best! 

We MADE IT! The Express kick off party!  

Tiniest burger for tiniest fashionista!

There was a photoshoot, braid bar, tons of yummy food samples everywhere and EVERYONE LOOKED AMAZING! I'm really crap with names so if you are on this and you want me to include your name send me a message <3 

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Yes People, this is me with Teen Vogue's Style Features Director ANDREW BEVAN! He was doing a meet and greet and he was an absolute DOLL. I asked him how he takes his coffee, on the off chance that I will be bringing him coffee one day when we work together. He said skim milk and two splenda's depending on how big it is. Then I asked him what his favorite karaoke songs were and he said Amy Winehouse "Rehab" sung with a southern accent or George Michael's faith! I also asked him what his "uniform" was and he said he keeps it easy with jeans and a jackets, he said I was wearing the female version of his uniform and I absolutely DIED! He also felt my shoes and told me that he loved my "statement shoe" HOW DREAMY! Then I tagged him on instagram and he commented on my photo and followed me, I DIEEEEEEEEEE This is seriously a dream come true! I was seriously on cloud 9 and I did not want to stop the party even though the party had stopped. SO I decided the night was young and I needed one more adventure.

I met up with my long lost internet love ELIZABETH, you guys know ELIZABETH, she's a dailysass regular. She introduced me to her lovely friends and we talked and walked and convinced these lame bros that we were in a coven! 
One of the lame bro's photobombed our picture, it was SO lame.

THESE GIRLS ARE BADASS!!! It was so cool meeting real New York babes and having an adventure with them!

After being the energizer bunny all day long I had to hit the hay. So I took a cab ride, hoped in the shower and PASSED OUT! Good night New York City. I love you.

Have a great day pussycats, I"m going to have another crazy busy day! I'll keep you guys posted!


  1. Seeing all your memories from NY reminds me how I loved being there two weeks ago. It's the best there, this city made me want to wear my finest cloths so as you I guess, couse you wear some awesome outfits!

  2. Just stalking through your amazing blog and noticed I was in this (black top, black floral skirt) haha!! Great post, I miss TVFU!