Meet Kengie!

Hello Pussycats,
Remember my darling friend Kengie? I met her in New York and she was seriously my tiny beacon of light! She was so kind and so sassy and she is by definition a homegirl, we laughed the entire time and she was just the best and it's time I feature this darling babe! Without further ado, meet KENGIE.
Kengie is a student at LIM college and currently resides in a tiny little castle in New Jersey. Her style is as dynamic as her eclectic wardrobe changing up constantly, "I would describe my style as ever changingI don't think I have one set style. I see all these different people I want to be like a laid back girl with a bohemian style in maxi skirts and flowy tops, or a badass rocker chick in all black and leather with dark lipstick and other times I want to be an ultra feminine girly girl in a short skirt and a pink sweater with a bow in my hair. my style really depends on the day, my mood, and things that have inspired me recently."
floral velvet mini dress from urban outfitters and cutout Coltrane boots by Jeffrey Campbell

  • C: How do you Take your Coffee?
  • K:I'm one of those flavored coffee lovers so I love a nice cup of a vanilla latte or a mocha swirl cappuccino. depending on the weather I will get my coffee either iced or hot.
    • C:What is your biggest dream?
    • K:I would say that my biggest dream is happiness and contentment. when I am older I would love to be completely content with who I have become, where I am and what I did to get there. it would be amazing to look back and not have any regrets.
    • C: What are your guiltiest pleasures?
    • K: I don't believe in guilty pleasures only because I think if you like something and you enjoy it then you shouldn't feel guilty about it! However, I will admit to being a reality TV junkie (I love me some Kardashians!) As well as spending an embarrassing amount of time on tumblr.
    • C: Favorite item in your wardrobe?
    • K: My favorite item in my closet right now would probably be my chunky black leather sandals I ordered online, which I'll soon have to put away for winter, or maybe my fuzzy beige sweater from H&M that I literally cannot stop wearing!
    • C: What inspires you?
    • K: I'm inspired a lot by what I see other people wearing. Since I go to school in New York City, I'm really lucky to be exposed to all sorts of different people. I also draw inspiration from celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Nicole Richie just to name a few. Art has also been very inspiring to me recently. I've been loving artwork by Frida Khalo, Takeshi Murata and Jenny Saville.

    • C: Whats your best karaoke song?
    • K: The best karaoke song would have to be anything old school by Britney Spears or I just don't know what to do with myself by the white stripes. in the movie my best friends wedding, Cameron Diaz sings the white stripes in karaoke and it's so awful but great that you just have to watch it.

    • C: How do you define sassy?
    • K: Sassy= powerful and independent
    "my current obsession right now is lipstick especially ones by Chanel. right now I am loving darker shades and Chanel matte lipsticks look great on everyone"

    Her current fave shoes! (Ugh I'm drooling they are all so cute)

    black skinny jeans by J brand, button up sleeveless shirt from American apparel, black booties from Aldo, and brown studded bag from Asos 
    "my absolute favorite perfume by harajuku lovers that I got for Christmas a few years ago. I'm not much of a perfume girl but this one is amazing!" / "My bed!"

    "here's my bed! and on it are my two current things I'm reading! new nylon mag with lana del rey on the cover, and I'm rereading the virgin suicides by Jeffrey eugenides which is one of my favorite books" / "I have a bit of a bag problem but you can never have too many right??"
    "a while back I decided to get a clothing rack for my room and I love it. I love being able to see my clothes instead of hiding them away in my closet"
    silk kimono by kensie, jeans from urban outfitters, ray ban folding sun glasses, Marc Jacobs watch and studded sandals from Steve Madden

    I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS BUNDLE OF FUN! She is so kind and so fashionable and just basically my best home girl as I've said before! Forgive the lateness of this post and please be sure to check out her blog!
    Have a great evening
    and please keep it sassy,

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