Halloween is Cool: Waynes World.

Hey Babeycats,
You guys are such babes, if you were a president you'd be Baberham Lincoln, you guys are MAGICALLY BABELICIOUS! As you can tell today my sister and I are dresses as the lovely studs from WAYNES WORLD, WAYNES WORLD PARTY TIME, EXCELLENT *guitar rift* *guitar rift* *guitar rift*. 
The movie is one of my all time faves and big obssessions in 7th grade so I bought a hat and 8 years later it comes in handy more often than not. Another beautiful part of this costume is that you can virtually raid your dads closet to make it! Thats what we did anyway!
  1. Wayfares with clear lenses, or any sort of square-ish frame glasses and blonde hair
  2. Drum sticks, come on you're gart, you need them!
  3. Some sort of rockband shirt, Hayley chose Journey, Van Halen works aswell,
  4. Pair it with a classis flannel, Hayley borrowed her boyfriends!
  5. Dad jeans!! They were ginormous!
  6. WAYNES WORLD CAP or any black hat
  7. Black T-shirt
  8. Boots, converse, any sort of man sneakers
Other things you may need:
  • Air Guitar chops
  • Ibuprofen for all the head banging you will be doing
  • Jelly donuts
  • Bohemian Rhapsody on loop
  • and a Gorgeous Tia Carrera looking babe by your side, we unfortunately do not have one :( we're BABELESS!

so this costume is one of my absolute favorites and ridiculously easy to do, man this week has me feeling like high school spirit week all over again!
Anyway have a great day pussycats
party on
and please keep it sassy


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  2. I love you so much *____* This is BEYOND perfect!