Halloween is Cool: Ghost World

Why hello there Pussycats,
Today, I bring you something festive, now I know that this month is the month of halloween, but its also the month of my crazy trip and midterms and general anxiety that causes me to hide under my comforter and not wanna come out ever, except for maybe food, maybe. But alas it is Halloween time, and in the immortal words from that derp in Halloweentown "Halloween is cool," so I thought I would show you some super easy looks you can do with shit from your closet, because who wants to pay for a store bought costume that comes in a bag thats probably sexist or racist.  
"I can't relate to 99% of Humanity"
  1. 1. Some sort of red purse
  2. Cat mask! I bought mine at a halloween store for $20 it came with matching gloves
  3. Cat eye glasses
  4. Some sort of screen t-shirt, even though mine isn't blue, I think it gets the idea
  5. A plaid skirt
  6. Combat boots
  7. Apathetic attitude
  8. Bad ass blonde best friend on your side

This is literally the easiest halloween costume ever and you seem super pretentious for having a not totally mainstream costume! You can run around with your friend and act like you are up to no good, while sticking your nose in the air to everyone who doesn't know what your costume is MUAH AHA HA HA!

Steve Madden Boots · American Apparel Mini Skirts · Topshop Crewnecks & Scoopnecks

And on that note I'm off for the day
look forward to more halloween related posts this week
have a great day and please keep it sassy,


  1. I went as Enid last year which went over well but your rendition is even better! Nicely done, miss. :)

  2. Oh my god! Ghost World is one of my favorite movies! I love this!

  3. ah, this is perfect! i haven't watched ghost world in such a long time, i must again soon!

    lindsey louise