Guest Writer: Ibe!

So hi awesome sassy TDS readers!
I am so excited to be a guest blogger and so exclusively for you, my fall essentials post!
So officially fall has just started but I know that loads of people still have that summer vibe. And I am fully sympathetic because I count myself among  those:  the full time summer vibes persons, including bare legs and ice cubes when it is 10 °C (50° F)outside . But as of now I am an autumn person. I apologize to incidental family members and close friends who needed to listen to my endless autumn- lauding monologues since the end of July. So, Who is in for carpets of crispy dead leaves, chocolate milk and coffee, eerie woods walks and snuggly pillows and blankets. ME, ME AND ME. But fall also comes with important fashion responsibilities, so sit up straight and learn about the three big parts of a fall blog: accessories and beauty, clothing and miscellaneous. So let’s start!
Accessories and beauty:

First of all: these black ankle boots. The people of Fred De La Bretonniere where nice enough to send me these babies. Although I am really all pro extravagan and unwieldy shoes, fact is that a girl that wants to go places will need parctical  boots like these:  fit for school and for basically everything. And I mean Alexa Chung vibes all the way!
Next thing up is crystal stone rings. Rings are a great way to ‘spice up’ (your life! yes Spice Girl reference was necesarry) an outfit and I am really into crystal ones at the moment because duh Stevie Nicks vibes. Also a special necklace! I wear my eye ball good luck one almost everyday (perfect for creeping out people a lot. Also good for your teen witch reputation).
Moving on to beauty. I like to wear dark (deep greens and purples, dark red, black, etc) colors in the fall because then I can match everything and be cool. It is by far the best season to sport that awesome cat eye dark lipstick and matte black nails. But my favorite fall product is definitively hand cream because, primo, it just smells so good (the one on the picture is from L’occitane which smells like violets and is just heavenly) and secundo,  it makes your hands so so so soft I mean best invention ever maybe?! Also multiple functional palets! Thank you god for this. Literally my saviour
Close up. The ring is borrowed from a friend and the necklace is from a little shop in Antwerp.

Close up. Dark red Sephora lipstick, Mac eyeliner and NEE multiple functions pallet.

 Yes people! Sweater weather! Sweaters are important. They just are. In my opinion everyone should own a simple knitted comfortable unicolor sweater (in my case the black fisherman sweater from American Apparel that I ripped off my sister) and one crazy printed multi-color one (I have an awkward mickey mouse knitted sweaters that looks like one of those ugly sweaters that your grannie knitted for you as a kid and that you refused to wear). But really, if you wear them with dagger collared shirts they get extra cute! Also striped shirts for president I swear they ALWAYS look good and same story about big rain coats.  Just throw some random skater skirt under it and you are ready to go (you will thank me for this later when you sleep through snoozing alarms and then need to dress for school in under three minutes …trust me this is first hand experience).
Vintage sweater and shirt.

This is me being really tired after a full week of school and with smudged mascara and a bad face day but still very happy because I have a good sweater/collar combination going on (and probably because I had a whole bottle of indian tonic for myself). Sweater/collar situations are literally the solution to E V E R Y T H I N G.
Well in the miscellaneous category I   basically have music, books and movies on display. Really, these objects qualify as life support system during the indoor season. Some of my faves: are Fleetwood Mac, AM by Arctic Monkeys, Grimes, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Stephanie La Cava’s new book, JD Sallinger and early Woody Allen movies!

Close up.
Also extra fall essentials (that I was too lazy to photograph): Watercolor set plus sketchbook, socks, tangerines, cinnamon and loads of coffee!
Hope you liked this post and do make the best of autumn please.


About the Author:
Ibe is a darling 14 year old from Belgium. She lives on the countryside in a really small town surrounded by river and meadows, "I have kept a diary since I could write and I have been blogging since I was 9." Her interests include: fashion, books, music, film photography, movies, architecture and "basically everything that has something to do with pop culture." She also enjoys acting and drawing and watercolor a lot, which Im sure are amazing contrary to what this darling says. And now if this girl hasn't stolen your heart just yet, she's a passionate feminist and she has her own blog at maddemoisellerossele.blogspot.com and at the pulp zine :) 
It's really nice to see such a young fire cracker be so passionate and so dedicated SO YOUNG. When I was 14 I swear, I was just figuring out Myspace! She's just so darling and multilingual and is so educated and has such a great sense of fashion GAH. I'm really impressed with this little lady she makes me happy and I'm glad she is one of my internet pals :)


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