Everything is Embarrassing: 2

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Hello Pussycats,
I'm back with another addition of Everything is Embarrassing, this one is titled "Eavesdroppers Are Actually the Worst"

Throwback to two octobers ago, I was a freshman in college and I had a darling boyfriend (now exboyfriend, still darling tho). Now the darling boyfriend and I had this on going joke about this one guy in my fresh class, lets call him Jim North. Now, Jim North happened to be a predominant player on one of our schools sports teams, he was also well known throughout campus for being like 6'7 and having a ridiculous mustache, that being said I should've known to never talk about people who are well known, but this is thought in hind sight. With my exboyfriend we had this joke that I was going to leave him for Jim North, in a sorta "don't be annoying or I'm gonna leave you for Jim" or "well Jim North would've picked me up from class on time" sort of way.
One day the boyfriend and I were sitting waiting for the school shuttle and we were joking about Jim in a passive aggressive-joking-but-kinda-serious-way, I'm claiming how we are secret lovers and how I'm gonna leave the boyfriend for him, all joking of course and he says "well sorry I'm not Jim North." At that moment this random ass old dude turns around and says "Jim North? The one on the sports team?" and so I'm thinking, "who the hell is this old ass guy?" and "I'm gonna murder the exboyfriend." A blush was cast upon my face and I quickly tried to come up with a lie so this weird dude would stop looking at me all doe-eyed and intrigued. I responded "No, he's my friend from California," then this creepy old ass dude has the gaul to be like "oh, but Jim is from California, we must be talking about the same guy!" *FACE PALM* I was so embarrassed so while clenching my teeth I explained "no. not the same guy" and sank into my own sweater. Then we were silent and we had to sit on a 15 minute shuttle ride with this weirdo.

First off who was that creepy dude. Secondly who taught him that its okay to not only eavesdrop but to join in on said conversation. And Thirdly, I still wonder to this day if Jim North ever found out my true feelings, maybe that creepy dude was his dad or something, THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW.

Anywho I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you want me to continue this series.
Have a great day
please keep it sassy

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