Dreams Are For Real.

Hey Hey Pussycats,
How's everyone doing today? Today I don't have much to say but just hear this quote Tupac Shakur once said "Reality is wrong, dreams are for real," and this quote has always been one of my favorites. Sometimes its okay to live with your head in the clouds because our world can be a weird unfair messed up place. That being said, having dreams and pursueing them is the most beautiful thing I could ever witness and there is actually nothing as satisfying. So while your dreams may be scary pussycats, you can do anything you dream of (unless you dream of killing people cause umm....errrr) As corny as it sounds, believe in yourself and don't get too scared when you are at the precipice of making them come true! 

Outfit Details: Top: DimepieceLA (borrowed from my sister Hayley thankies!), Skirt: UNIF (mine was the more pink version of this skirt), Tights: Romwe, Belt: Topshop, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Bracelet: Vintage

So that is all for today little pussycats!I'm gonna work on fixing my sidebar links cause I know they still arent properly working and please let me know if there are any other technical problems with my blog!Have a great day pussycats, stay STRONGand please keep it sassy,xoxoxoxoxSasssquatch


  1. wow great outfitt ! it is very lovely and i like the details :D
    <3 bisou