Daisy Days + Meet Maia

Hello Pussycats,
Today I wanted to tell you a funny story. Man, the internet and life work in such mysterious awesome ways. So just the other day many of you know I had a giveaway, giving away a cute Topshop purse and other goodies, many of you entered, which Im totally totally thankful for, but there could only be one winner. That morning I logged into Rafflecopter and they had chosen me a winner, her name was Maia. I thought to myself, wait a minute, I know that name! Maia happened to be one of those people that I had never actually met but always heard about, our siblings knew each other when we were younger but I never actually met her formally! This was great for one of 2 reasons, 1) I could save on postage and 2) I could meet a new friend! We got coffee and treats and chatted one afternoon and we knew this was a match made in friendship!

So, pussycats, may I introduce you to my dear new friend MAIA (Pronounced May-A)
She's 19 and already a junior in college. She loves witches and faeries, (which is ironic because she is totally a faerie). Her tiny studio apartment is pale pink and she has an affinity for large books, delicious delectables and Liam Hemsworth. She is one of those people whose an excellent listener and cute as a button, when I saw her I had one of those, "yep, we're gonna be friends" moments. I wish I got an up close on all the trinkets she was wearing and her tiny tattoos but both of us talk a mile a minute and kept getting side tracked talking about Ghosts or cupcakes or dreamy boys! But fear not, I'm sure we will be hanging out again soon!

There are many things I don't like about the way life works, like inevitable taxes, how beautiful strawberries have seasons or how the television show Full House ended, but one of my FAVORITE things in life ever is meeting new friends that are positive and sweet and make you feel good about yourself!

You'll be wearing from this tiny witch soon this blog
Have a great day pussycats
and please, keep it sassy,

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